Kyklos by Danilo DiLuca

We got introduced to the Kyklos brand by our friend Mark at Dutch & Wolf in the UK, who also carry the frames. The name behind the brand is none other than Danilo Di Luca, AKA “The Killer“, who this particular frame is named after. He is in a partnership with former pro Francesco Di Ruscio, and run the business with from Pescara in Italy. This particular build done by Dutch & Wolf comes in at under 16 lbs. There are a couple of lovely touches on the build. The Arundel Mandible bottle cages, have a lovely simple profile, and the custom wheels by EDCO are their Neggia Super Sport Carbon clinchers at 1317g for a pair. If you are interested in finding out more about the frame you can contact Mark at Dutch & Wolf. They have been building and sending all over the world. Definitely not something we see a lot here in the US.

Categories: Design / Rides

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