Our First T-Shirt: The United Colors Of Cycling

I just put the design together for our first Elcyclista t-shirt to be produced this summer. Inspired by the leader jerseys of the grand tours, the international flavor of cycling, and a nod to a certain Italian brand. We are going to do the t-shirts in editions, so email if you areĀ interestedĀ in having one held back (with your size) before they go on sale later in the summer.

Categories: Design / Kit

  1. To what address should one email?


  2. Good point Ed! eurobiker@gmail.com

  3. Benetton is an Italian brand mate!!!

  4. I knew that is what I meant to write….

  5. Nice! Just wondering about the t-shirt brand before assessing what size I need (usually small but…)

  6. Just sourcing the t-shirts now and trying to find some quality. I will ping you back when i know what we are using and how the sizes play out

  7. Excellent, will have to sort shipping back to the ole’ green sod of austerity too…!

  8. like the design…always loved Benetton’s ad campaigns, plus their sponsorship of an F1 car back in the day…please strongly consider American apparel t-shirts-great quality, organic options, made in USA/ L.A., fair wages paid to workers-count me in if printed on USA-made garment.


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