The Giro Air Attack: Thumbs Up, Or Down?

Last September when Mark Cavendish threw his bike for the line in¬†Copenhagen there was something that just didn’t look right in the picture. Why did he have cling film wrap over his helmet? (see picture). Somehow they had managed to take one of the nicest helmets out there, the Specialized Prevail, and rendered it to look ugly. I understand the “marginal gains” philosophy when you are at a world class level, but I hope some trickle down technology stays with the pros, as in the end it kills how I make 50% of my buying decisions, it just doesn’t look good.

Today I opened a browser with great excitement to see the new Giro Air Attack (I am a Giro fan, and own an Aeon), and you know what, I can’t decide if I like it or not. It reminds me to much of the Saran Wrap Prevail that Cav wore. I have watched the¬†video, and all of the innovations in the design make sense, but I am just not sure my head ever feels that hot in a long NYC summer ride. Or that I really need my noggin to be that aero. One of the nicer avenues for riders to add a little personality to their look is through their choice of eyewear. The Air Attack suggests replacing that with a flick on magnetic “shield” (although the picture above does show you can wear standard glasses with the helmet). All interesting changes, but I can’t help but feel I would look like a bit of a nob out there on the weekends wearing this helmet. Alas I will hold final judgement until I see it and try it on in the flesh.

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  1. Reminds me of the old Brancale hardshell helmet seen here:

    Welcome to 1988…

  2. I suppose it wasn’t aero enough to help Renshaw break out of the runner-up position at the Ster Elektro Toer.

  3. i hate helmets – all helmets but after falling and fracturing my shoulder i kinda think maybe i should – so vanity and freedom will have to make way to plastic. which one though ? i just can’t get used to things on my head and the Bern look is cool – on others. so maybe this one will be a ok on me. i’ll wait until i can try it but please – no peeking while i look in the mirror :-)


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