The Spybike Tracker

Now this is a great piece of technology, although a better name would help, The Spy Bike Covert Bicycle GPS Tracker. The original tracker was created for motorcycles, but the company soon realized the opportunity to open up the platform, and have developed one for your bike. The tracker itself and the battery are hidden inside your steering column, underneath your stem cap. If someone starts messing with your bike the motion sets of the tracker and it automatically sends you a text message along the lines of “get your ass back to your bike before someone nabs it” (not sure what the actual message says – but that’s what I would say). Fear not, if you are too late and the bike is already gone the tracker will send a GPS co-ordinate to the tracking site every 20 seconds, drawing a big red line right to the thief’s den. Call the Police, retrieve bike, and cart off mystified bike thief to jail. The beauty of the device is in its disguise. Stashed under the cap you wouldn’t even know it was there, and at 0.14 lbs or 0.067 kg it is hardly heavy. The running cost is pretty cheap, as it uses GPRS to upload the GPS data and is quad band so it works everywhere when you travel. The battery can run for a couple of months without needing a recharge as long as you turn it off when riding.

If you have a bike you really love and live in an urban area that means you are at risk of loosing your wheels, at $150 this is a really good investment.

More info on Spybike here

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