ARDENNES: Book Update

Definitely a labor of love. The output of our trip to the Ardennes in April is close to going off to the printers. All the images have been color corrected and cleaned, and the sequencing and editing (that took forever!) is finished. We have a nice idea for the cover which is going to make each book a one-off as we are probably going to do them in an edition. More info to come on pricing, availability and the timing. Very excited to get our first project out the door.

Categories: Design

  1. Excited for this. Cant wait!

  2. You should start a mailing list for this, i’d hate to miss the first run. I really like the tone and quality of your photos. Keep up the great work.

    colin mcsherry
  3. Don’t forget to leave time for copyediting!! :)

  4. Cheers Colin. That is a nice idea. I will set up a list tomorrow.

  5. Any idea when this will be available?

  6. We just got our test book back for color correction and it’s looking pretty good. We will be putting the final order in so hopefully in about 6 weeks


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