Our New C59 Build

At the end of last week I was eventually able to get in to ifixbyx with all the bits to put this build together, it has been a few months in the making. I have been looking at the frame for a while, and eventually decided to pull the trigger after seeing it in the “Flesh” at Amstel Gold. The frame was sourced in the UK with the help of Mark from Dutch And Wolf, and the excellent build was done by David Sommerville at ifixbyx. I have only had one dial-it-in ride so far (I went to ride the Jeremy Powers Fundo at the weekend – there was no way this was getting on those dirt roads – not yet anyway) – so I am looking forward to getting out on longer rides this week. The build without the pedals was sitting in the 14lbs and change category, way lighter than I ever thought it would build up to. Super pleased with how it has turned out. I have a nice photo essay of the build coming next that we did while Dave slogged over a Campy cable routing.

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  1. Gorgeous. Love the hyperon wheels. Hopefully Colnago will finally do some art deco paints scheme in the future.

  2. Beautiful looking machine right there. Was riding an EPS with Zipp 404s last week and felt too stiff for me…couldnt appreciate either feature!

  3. Welcome to Campy – or Campag as our friends across the pond call it. As a bit of insurance to prevent some nasty scratches to the frame, I would strongly recommend you install a chain keeper to prevent chain drop off of the inner chainring when downshifting from the big one…

    Boss of the Bosberg
  4. So dialed. Beauty!

  5. I was wondering about a chain catcher, not a bad idea

  6. Have a c59 myself with record – it will NOT disappoint in any facet. Looks incredible and rides incredible. I thought about a colnago, always wanted one, then decided not – then I saw one in the flesh and it all changed: I needed a colnago.

  7. I have put about 300 miles on it over the last 10 days and love it. First few rides needed a lot of tweaking but it is dialed in now and riding beautifully. Happy to be back with an Italian.

  8. Will we see this in Prospect Park? When can we expect to see the steel Condor?!


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