Today I Love Cycling More Than Ever

Today I love cycling more than ever. The day after watching Jens Voigt, one of our sport’s true and most endearing icons, take a wonderful solo win, that even his DS had doubts he could carry off. The day after “Purito” and Froome turned on the afterburners in the last 2km of yesterday’s Vuelta stage and showed Contador and Valverde their wheels. But unfortunately today these stories of heroic and breathtaking riding have been pushed down the queue by Lance. Unfortunately, today all anyone who doesn’t follow this sport will want to talk about is not if Froome can take the Vuelta, or how long can Jens continue at the top. Or even about the year-by-year growth of Wiggins to take this year’s Tour. They will only have one question for us: “Did Lance do it?” And unfortunately, with how this story has unfolded, we still seem not to have full closure.

Not really knowing what the USADA had in their files will always still leave this story unfinished for me and many others. Although, to see one of the most determined and smartest athletes I have ever followed give up is a surprise. Choosing not to fight was his best form of attack? That sure feels like an admission of sorts, but in no way feels definitive, and still feels like it will let people read it how they want. Out of all of the reactions, the one that I keep repeating in my head comes from Jan Ullrich, “I know the order in which we crossed the finish line.” In a time when most of the podium were “on it” in some form, re-awarding the seven Tour titles seems kind of pointless. I don’t think we are going to see many of Lance’s other podium companions rush in to claim his titles – most of them are as tarnished as he is, proven or not.

So maybe it is time to take a leaf out of Uli’s book and move on. There is plenty to write and talk about with those that are riding today. I am so over reading and hearing about this story, and I don’t think it is over yet. So until those USADA files see the light of day, let’s write about something else, and remember why we love this sport. You know Jens is sitting in the RSNT Team bust today saying, “Shut Up Media…I won yesterday for the first time in ages.”

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  1. What if Jens turns out to be a doper?

  2. Very well put!

  3. That would really suck – and I would feel as disappointed as the day I found out Vino doped.

  4. By Lance throwing in the towel it may become even more difficult for the public to see whats in the documents…… which is exactly what Armstrong had in mind.
    After personally speaking to a WADA official it is very clear everyone in the business knew he is guilty of everything he’s accused of……. its just hard to prove. What I find most disgusting is the fact that journalists, riders, sponsors, UCI, et al all know and they cram it down on a naive public. And they buy it! If anyone knows anything about doping products it is a physical impossibility to win the TdF as he did and beat 9 out of 10 convicted dopers. I cannot believe anyone thinks he did it clean. He’s not superman! Now we need to get rid of the UCI.

    L. Dakota
  5. of course Jens doped…… he came from the same system that gave us Ullrich, Kloden, et al.

    L. Dakota
  6. Here’s my take. Did everybody dope or IS everybody doping? Probably. But I don’t really care, it’s just bike racing and I don’t put my trust in men… But I really like to see people go fast on bikes and suffering like a pig and seeing Jens on that solo win and J-Rod and Valverde go blowing past Clenbutador and then Fast Phil get a win yesterday was freaking AWESOME!!!


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