The Race Of The Almost Falling Leaves

I hate it when people mess with stuff that isn’t broken. If it hadn’t been for Rapha I would probably still be sitting on the sofa in November wondering who canceled the race. This coming weekend we will experience one of the most beautiful races in the world, The Tour Of Lombardia, or The Race Of The Falling Leaves. Except this year maybe it would be better to call it The Race Of The Almost Falling leaves because it isn’t quite that time of year yet because of the UCI? The UCI in all their wisdom pushed it up two weeks so they could squeeze in another race, The Tour of Hangzhou. Yes that Chinese monument that the Pro’s love to travel to the other side of the world for. Alas the spectacle of Lake Como and its surrounding roads will not be reduced. If I had to pick one race I could go to every year this may be the one. The location is stunning, there is a reason why famous people all live in the same place. The racing is exceptional, as riders squeeze out that last ounce of fitness before heading into winter and the ever shrinking Off-Season (and final contract negotiations). The fans are incredible, and the food….man the food is so good. To this day I still had one of the best Calzones I have ever eaten in Tremezzo. If you are lucky enough to go and have got time to ride, yes you have to do the Ghisallo, it will be packed on race day and a “competitive” ride up with the locals should be expected. Nobody will be holding back. Don’t skip the west side of the Lake above Menaggio, and the SS340. It is a lovely climb over to Lake Lugano and Switzwerland for coffee and proper chocolate, and you will be back in time for an afternoon espresso at Café Del Pess overlooking the lake and the ferries back to Bellagio or Varenna. It really is a special place to ride and a hub of Italian cycling, plus Moto Guzzi are built on the shores of Como, so you can expect to see nice bikes of all types.

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  1. China is pretty nice this time of the year. At least that’s what I read on their tourism site. =)

  2. Ferry ride from Tremeazzo to Bellagio is a feast for the eyes. Climb from Bellagio up the Ghisallo is a feast for your quads. I had a chance to do just that about 3 weeks ago for the first time, and less than 6 months since my ACL surgery. Hard work but worth every moment. Have a Aperol Spritz on the promenade in Mennagio and be proud of yourself.

    Thomas Mueller
  3. My favourite race too! Absolutely stunning place to ride.

  4. You have fond memories from the lake :)

  5. That actually are very well deserved.

  6. Absolutely loved it. The roads are beautiful. What is the ride like if you ride out from Milan?

  7. If you want a place to stay, try my friend Federico’s It’s just a beautiful place to stay and bike. He’s grown up on the lake and is a great cyclist. If you need a bike, he’ll be happy to find you one to rent at a local shop. The Ghisallo and Sormano are an easy day ride from here, but you’ll also get to see some of the roads locals use and which are equally worthwhile.

    Neil Meyer
  8. Cheers for this Neil. The Villa is beautiful. Last time we went we were in a Camper Van as we were also riding the Stelvio and Gavia. But we didn’t spend enough time around the Lake. This place looks like a perfect base. When I get back I will definitely give it a try.

  9. Just back from a few days in Tuscany and after many visits but none with my rear end settling on a saddle I have to plan some for next year. Between the G’iro, Lombardia and the Worlds in the coming year a watching and riding holiday is a must.


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