Steel Is Alive And Well In The Condor Super Acciaio

This weekend I was eventually able to finish the build and get some miles on my recently delivered Condor Super Acciaio. This was the first time I had put together a steel frame in a long time, and after over a decade on carbon I was eager to see how it felt. The build is pretty sensible with really the only nod to trying to save some weight going to the Hollogram SL crank (one of the lightest and stiffest on the market). The wheels are a bomb proof set of early Edge Comps, that after 3 years on them still ride true and strong. First impressions after a 3 hour ride were nothing but positive. I haven’t put it on a scale yet but I can tell you it feels light for a steel build. It rides beautifully on flat and rolling hills, smooth, comfortable and super responsive out of the saddle. It surprised me most when climbing. You don’t get that initial zip of speed you get on a carbon frame with low profile rims, but I soon got the felling that attacking the bottom of a hill with power and settling into a tempo is the way to use it. It actually climbs really well. Next up I am putting the Campy Hyperons on it to see how it feels. If you are in the market for a steel frame you should¬†definitely¬†have a look at the Supper Acciaio. I have a feeling it is one of those frames you keep all of your life. More to come as I spend the Fall on it.

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  1. The Suoer Accaio is a lovely bike and that paint scheme shows it off well. Congratulations.
    It’s 10 weeks till I get the Terra-X Belgian Flag paint scheme on a Bivio , a very different beast to yours but I’m looking forward to it.

    Mike Owen
  2. When are we doing that all-steel ride?!

  3. Conor, very nice! just ont get that Italian flag. ;)

  4. Judging by the way the roads are around here right now I could be doing with that Bivio. A lot of dirt roads built for that. Send us a picture when you get it.

  5. Made in Italy! I might paint over it with a little green white and orange for Ireland

  6. Ha! I thought you meant the flag on the frame. That is suposed to be orange on my name sticker. #fail

  7. Condor not tradition UK? needs UK flag ;)

  8. Been waiting for the write-up, what a great bike! Pics were worth the wait.

  9. nice balanced looking ride Conor. Love the paint with the all black components.
    Full kit with the bike must look the shit!! Well done.

    L. Dakota
  10. Congratulations, on a Fantastic looking build!
    I’ve sat on a Super Accaio frame, in Rapha Condor Sharp livery, since september.
    Finally managed to aquire all the required components for the build this week. Really excited!
    Any futher thoughts, now you’ve had the bike a while?
    and did you ever manage to weigh it!

    Peter Cheah
  11. Is this frame set available to the masses in this paint scheme? It’s brilliant!

    E Moeller
  12. Hey – the paint was a custom design that I came up with, that Condor tweaked and made better to fit with what they were already doing on the frames. I have no problem with anyone using the design, in fact it is a great compliment. It would just be a matter of requesting it with Condor and your lead time may be a little longer – but it is worth the wait. It looks stunning in the flesh (steel)

  13. The more I stare at this thing, the more I’m falling in love with it! I was envisioning a Rapha tribute bike. This is pretty much it.

    E Moeller
  14. The absolute most beautiful bike ever built….mine will be arriving late summer…congrats on an amazing machine

    jeff hatch

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