What To Wear When Cycling


At this time of year I spend way too much time over morning coffee deliberating about how many, and which layers to wear. For those that have not been following this has been a really LONG winter. So much so that the beginning of Spring has been ear marked with yet another “Winter Storm Warning” and 30 degree temperatures. So I figure anything that can abbreviate the decision making process and give me better odds against bailing on the ride and hitting the trainer is good. Up to this point I have been doing the “Pajama Test” (taking the dog out in the morning and seeing if I can last more than 5 mins outside). And so it was with great interest that I downloaded and opened the What To Wear Cycling App on Sunday morning over a fine Grimpeur Brothers brew (honest this is not a product placement post – just how it was). I was first asked “Are you riding now or tomorrow”. The App then pings the local weather and pulls together a list of appropriate items based on where you are. There is also a nice little personal feature that allows you to customize “Do you usually run hot or cold” (I am a bit like a Haussler in this respect and often ride without gloves because my heart is pumping so bloody much I can melt bar tape). Post ride the recommendations were pretty much spot on (it was also pretty much what I would have chosen myself but taken an hour to do). I figure once you put your faith in it and dial in your personal temperature it is a nice fun way to plan your ride the night before or mess with your riding buddies by saying they all run cold. Now I wonder does it take in altitude….

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  1. Wow, an app I might actually find useful! (If I were an app user…) I once clipped an article from Bicycling magazine that was the analog version of this–layering recommendations if the weather was sub-30, 30-40, 40-50, etc. It seemed so useful (I too am SO indecisive) but of course I lost track of it and never really used it…

  2. If I’d only had this app for all those times when the focus was more about how I wished I’d worn arm warmers or leg warmers or how I had nowhere to stash all the excess layers I stupidly wore I could’ve saved a bunch of ruined rides. Now I don’t have to waste another ride. This is the cycling app I’ve been waiting for! Let me know when you do one for running and rowing.

  3. The perfect app for this time of year…I can barely figure out what to wear to work, so forget being out in the elements. Now I know exactly what to put on for a day of riding, and I’m actually comfortable. Being a newish rider, I really love the clothing glossary, too!


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