Here is a really interesting idea, combining a lot of things we already carry, the backpack, the tablet and the phone. A custom designed backpack has a transparent window that allows you to place your tablet facing out to the public. Using your phone on your bar-top (which I assumes all connects together via Bluetooth) you can send turn signals and messages to the table. Turn left? Just swipe the phone left and the tablet in the backpack signals to traffic you are turning left. “Have a nice day” messages to nice drivers, and “Asshole” messages to the not so nice ones. I imagine it could also be used as a light at night as well. All I can find on this project presents it as a concept or prototype so I have no idea if it is making it into production. It also looks like there is a world of patents already registered against wearable technology and backpacks, again no idea if any of them are heading towards manufacturing. It is a great idea, especially now with so many city bike programs running.

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  1. I’m pretty damn sure that we don’t need all this rubish to ride a bike decently and safely on the road within traffic. Ultimately if I may be a bit pedantic it’s quite unsafe to mess with a smartphone while riding.

    So cyclists arround the world, if you want to tell drivers or other cyclists witch way you want to turn, just point it out with your left or right arm depending the direction you want to take, and if you want to wish anyone a nice day or call people whatever errr…….. just say it!!!!
    Oh and you save 1000€ worth of iphone and ipad bulls**t to get a better bike or improve yours.


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