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The Next Ride


If I am completely honest I have had a little bit of creative block for the last 6 months. Loosing a parent impacts all of us in very different ways, for me one of those ways was a loss of joy in the things I used to find enjoyment in doing. This blog, brand, photography, publishing thing was one of them. But I feel different this morning. I am just kitting up for a 6 day 550 mile ride down one of the most beautiful rides in the world, PCH. I woke 3 hours early with nervous energy. If that wasn’t enough I am doing it with a bunch full of creative minds, all for the cause of raising funds for the City Of Hope Hospital. My father will be riding with me in spirit (he is actually taped to my stem, literally) and I know he would have loved this. I think this ride is going to give me a new burst of creative energy, so be warned I am going to bore the shorts off you with posts about how beautiful bikes are and how happy I am that the UCI has at least for now someone who seems to want to give us our sport back. Ride on….

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Rich Sachs Redesign By House Industries


The previous Richard Sachs identity was maybe one of the most established identities in the sport of cycling, so no small task to take on the redesign and make it equally iconic. Time is the only thing that can decide if a piece of design becomes an icon, but the guys at House Industries (one of our favorite font makes here at HUGE) have done a really beautiful job. Right down to the color mix by Joe Bell the red is special to the brand. It is a finely considered piece of design done by people who understand the nuance of the sport and the intricacies of frame design. Shame they have to cover that frame and kit in mud.

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The Nanamica Cycling Pack


This is one well crafted pack, a fine combination of traditional materials and modern design. Made by Japanese brand Nanamica they use a lightweight and durable Cordura for the main material and leather straps with brass buckles to secure the top closure. The back has a padded back panel for comfort and padded shoulder straps for carrying. Two compression straps on each side keep the the pack close the body when riding. It comes in a lot of different color combinations, but really liking the blue and red above.

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City Publishers Mobile Book


City Publishers in Orestad have taken the bookshop to the road. With a converted cargo bike powered by an editor or a writer they are taking books and coffee to the streets of Copenhagen. Like most countries publishers and bookshops are struggling to keep the printed word relevant and are starting to look for different ways to get themselves out there. City Publishers is a small independent publisher who publish under the motto “Books for the people”, and it is their small nimble size that has pushed them to try different things to connect with their readers, in this case via the bike. The plan is for the mobile cafe to move around the city and park itself in front of parks, business’s and bigger city landmarks.

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