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If I am completely honest I have had a little bit of creative block for the last 6 months. Loosing a parent impacts all of us in very different ways, for me one of those ways was a loss of joy in the things I used to find enjoyment in doing. This blog, brand, photography, publishing thing was one of them. But I feel different this morning. I am just kitting up for a 6 day 550 mile ride down one of the most beautiful rides in the world, PCH. I woke 3 hours early with nervous energy. If that wasn’t enough I am doing it with a bunch full of creative minds, all for the cause of raising funds for the City Of Hope Hospital. My father will be riding with me in spirit (he is actually taped to my stem, literally) and I know he would have loved this. I think this ride is going to give me a new burst of creative energy, so be warned I am going to bore the shorts off you with posts about how beautiful bikes are and how happy I am that the UCI has at least for now someone who seems to want to give us our sport back. Ride on….

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your loss: lets hope you father will ride with a nice tail ride. Ride safe! Sounds like an amazing ride. You gonna ride the Condor SA?

  2. Enjoy Conor, a lovely way to remember youir father. Truly sorry for your loss and I hope ride gives you an experience to refresh and reload those creative juices…

  3. Sorry for your loss. If I was looking for a way to process my thoughts it would be that ride.

    The section of PCH from Monterey to Cambria (through Big Sur) is probably top 3 best 100 miles I’ve ever done. My friend and I did San Francisco to Santa Barbara over 4 days last September. Great place to escape and think.

  4. Hey Conor. Sorry to hear of your loss. We should try and hook up if possible when you hit Malibu if you’re coming this far. Ride on and enjoy the view!

    lindsay dakota
  5. Ride on, indeed! Loss of any kind is difficult … as is getting back and rediscovering your passions, and why you were so passionate about them in the first place. I have a really great feeling that this ride will bring back those reasons and that passion. Ride safe.

    Chris B
  6. Hey mate – the roll in was all a bit of a whirlwind. I will be coming back to LA soon and riding with some of the guys. You should come out and roll they are an amazing bunch.


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