Editions_Main_EditionsStanding in a cold and damp Market Square in Maastricht at the start of Amstel Gold, it doesn’t take much to imagine how illness and chest infections can take hold. These riders are lean and ready and about to be stressed in very poor conditions. This book is a document of the Ardennes week. A series of races I went to as a fan. No passes and no privileges, just someone else trying to get a look at the pros, the bikes and to soak up the atmosphere of one of the best weeks of racing on the calendar. The ambient story around a race and how it changes from country-to-country is something I wanted to capture. The story of the fans as much as the riders. A cadence and pattern emerges that seems to be present itself in all of the races you attend, but each still holds its own personality. Amstel the Dutch classic, was organized chaos from the start village to the finish. Flèche Wallonne is one of those races that makes cycling such a unique sport; how we get so much access to our sports stars still stuns me. It is the working class race of the Ardennes, the start village sandwiched between a factory and a football stadium. Liege-Bastogne-Liege is ASO through and through. The young riders on teams, this maybe their first “big” race look scared, and “fiddle” with their bikes way too much. The more experienced look resigned to the 265 km of pain that lies ahead, knowing exactly what to expect.This year there was particularly bad weather. In the space of one 15-minute section at Liege-Bastogne-Liege we saw sun – rain – hail – sun. There were numerous stories of riders stranded in the hail too far from team cars on the narrow roads to get shells to cover up, leaving them wet, cold and hungry on some of the hardest parcours in Europe. This book tells the story of these three great races and is released in a first edition of 50 books.

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