Jacques Anquetil

JE_Main_JaquesWalking around a flea market in Switzerland I stumbled across a stand full of vintage sports memorabilia. Needless to say in this part of the world that tends to be mostly skiing and boating. When I asked the owner if he had anything cycling related he broke into a wonderful smile (turns out he was a cyclist). He reached under a pile at the back of his table and presented me with two things of beauty. The first is this feature, a Jacques Anquetil Souvenir Magazine, published by Miroir De Cyclisme in Paris in 1987. The images on its pages capture the essence of one of the most stylish riders to ever grace the roads of Europe. They show him in both the joys of victory, and in the pain of defeat. A true icon of our sport, and one of the few riders to ever wear the Tour’s yellow jersey all the way from day one to the finale in Paris. It took a while to convince the seller to part with his magazine, but I am glad he did.

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