Bagneres-De-Luchon To Arreau

JE_Main_PeyresourdeWe were unfortunate enough to have rain every day for our four days in Bagneres-Di-Luchon. But after a day holed up in the camper van there was a break in the clouds just before lunch. After a scramble to get into lycra in a confined space we were out on the road and rolling towards Arreau over the Peyresourde. The early slopes give you a chance to ease into the climb as you work towards the twists and hairpins that are famous from The Tour. It a popular choice in The Tour starting in 1910, and the leaders taking the summit are some of our sports most respected climbers. Coppi, Charly Gaul, Bahamontes, Jimin├ęz, Van Impe and Robert Millar. As I rolled over the top there was a loud clap of thunder and the light changed as a bank of dramatic clouds rolled over the summit. It was going to be a wet descent.