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giro_kitThe new kit from GIRO looks pretty amazing. Nice tailored fits and good use of materials, but man can I get my hands on any? Nope. All the good pieces out of stock, pretty much everywhere. It is a shame because the stuff looks really good and as spring approaches we are all back in the market for a few pieces. Seems like a massive missed opportunity especially when you have made something so nice.

Categories: Design / Kit

  1. The Spring line isn’t in stock anywhere yet. Should be arriving any day now. As for the Fall, it was out and in stock at plenty of local shops.

  2. I ordered merino socks from them back in October. I didn’t get them until January. I like the idea of US brand made items, but when other overseas items can make it to the doorstep in significantly less time there’s something wrong.

  3. I couldn’t find any o the winter stuff (the red shell and the quilted shell) at least in my size. I did get one of the Merino t-shirts which is really nice.


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