America's Race


The air is thin, very thin. The climbs are long and gradual.  The air is so thin and clean that it gives Colorado a special light all of its own. The landscape is some of the most spectacular you will see anywhere in the world, and no matter where the riders went it seemed to completely dwarf them. This is cycling country American style. Quite tough roads, small towns and a lot of personality. Colorado is where the Pro’s come to live because it is pretty much one of the most perfect places to ride a bike. This year saw the coming of age of the American based riders. No longer riding in the shadows of the European “Imports”. Kiel Reijnen brought is two amazing sprints alongside local boy Alex Howes. Ben Jaques-Maynes had an incredible ride to take the KOM. Carter Jones just gets better and better trading blows on the climbs with some of the best in the world. And last but not least Serghei Tvetcov just powering his way over everything to take third place on GC and a hard fought for spot on the podium. This just gets better and better every year.

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