JE_Main_HautacamOne of the things that makes riding in the high mountains special is the unpredictability and the extremes the weather can bring in an instance. Sitting down in the valley in the village of Luz-Saint-Sauveur on the morning of our ride the sun was out and the sky was blue. The debate was more about how much sunscreen to bring rather than layers. As we headed down the D12 the weather could not have been better. That all changed when we hit the village of Argel├ęs-Gazost and within the space of about 20 minutes we went from pure blue skies to dark grey skies. When you have traveled as far as we had to do these classic climbs it takes a lot for you to call off a ride. As we headed up visibility rapidly decreased and got gradually worse as we rode through cloud and mist to the top. As it turned out the ride became one of the most memorable we have ever done. The added adversity making it a ride to talk about. The descent maybe more that most, made extra special by having to dodge suddenly appearing sheep who had decided the best place to stand was the middle of the road. Sometimes its worth pushing on.

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