Climbing Otxondo


The full photo essay for Otxondo is here

We based ourselves in the village of Ainhoa in France for our second week in the Pyrenees, a beautiful traditional Basque village in the Labourd Province. Every road out of the villgae took you over rolling hills, medium Cols or up into the Spanish Pyrenees. One beautiful road out of the village was the N-121-B over the border into Spain. About 2km out of the village the road starts to rise and the climb up to Otxondo begins. As you pass by the exit to the village of Urdax the road hits the tree line and takes you all the way to the top. Worth a little side trip is what looks like a cattle track to the left, that takes you up to the radio mask at Pico Gorramkil where you get spectacular view down ithe valley to Erratzu and the road that takes you up the back side of the Col d’Izpegui. It made for a wonderful day in the saddle and about 8000ft of climbing.

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