The Honda Active Life Concept


There is some really smart design work in this Honda Active Concept for cyclists. One of the first things they did was move the fuel tank to the center of the car under the driver and passenger seats. This allowed them to drop the floor in the back storage area creating a “Well” that allows you to comfortably get to bikes in sitting upright. The bikes lock in with the front wheel out which also doubles as a rack that can be pulled out under the back door to function as a bike stand for maintenance (the back door also has an extended canopy to keep the rain off). Other features include an integrated pump and its own toolbox. Because the back of the car is filled pretty much with bike they have also included a compartmentalized roof box for helmets and kit. The only downside is that most concept cars never make it in to production. They are used for brand building stories at Auto-shows and technology demos that they hope to push into production models. Although with Volvo’s latest exploration of cycling partnerships car manufacturers are recognizing the growing appeal of cycling globally and the lifestyle tweaks riders make for traveling with their bikes.

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