Our C59 Build With Ifixbyx 07/19/2012

With a fine Belgium ale in one hand and a camera in the other I spent a nice couple of hours watching David Somerville at Ifixbyx put together my C59. It is a pretty unique place to have work done on your bike. Right in the middle of Manhattan’s Fashion district, tucked away on the 4th floor of a shared office block, Ifixbyx is somewhat of a Mecca for the New York racing scene. Not really a bike shop (they only carry the parts that they need and are on demand by the local riders) they offer the service of everything you need done to your existing ride, or starting from scratch. Their attention to detail and dedication to getting it just right is pretty rare these days. If you hang around long enough you always pick up a few gems of knowledge as well. On this trip: 1) To get the perfect rear derailleur cable cover length (from the frame into the rear derailleur) the magic number is 23cm – this makes sure the cable cover goes into the derailleur straight, giving smoother shifting. 2) On Campy cassettes they keep the individual cogs aligned using a little plastic “widget“, allowing you to drop them onto the wheel in one swift movement – as demonstrated by Mark. After putting some miles on it this week I will be back in to have the fork cut back and a few tweaks to the gears – but it is pretty much riding like a hot knife through butter. A few shots from the afternoon in the gallery below.

C59 Build

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A Custom Saddle Made From A Basketball 06/12/2012

Another amazing custom saddle by busymanbicycles this made from a recycled basketball. The saddle is hand stitched using the reclaimed leather and the black panels were added to keep the look of the ball. This is a true one-off piece. Gorgeous. This guy just does incredible work.

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The Spy Screw Glasses 06/03/2012

These might be the new hot glasses. Spotted at the Tour Of California dressing the face of one of Americas new young hopes. Matthew Busche. In fact the orange version above is his signature design. The Black frame and pink glass above are for the Keep A Breast foundation. Any reviews I have found seem to rave about them. I might have to give those orange ones a go.

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New Kit From Cafe Du Cycliste 02/06/2012

Based in Nice, an area blessed with some of my favorite riding (The Corniche on an early morning to St Raphael is one of the nicest rides you could do) Cafe Du Cycliste have brought out some really classy looking kit. With a nice balance between classic retro styling, and a smart use of modern fabrics, the collection focuses on a few essential riding elements. After only 7 months in existence they have managed to get a nice collection of jerseys, gillets and shells together, that form their Sur le Bitume road series. Loving the nice color touches and details they are adding to the kit. They seem like an interesting group, running a coffee shop on the Riviera, rides from the shop and a clothing line up and running, life is good! Check out their site http://www.cafeducycliste.com/en

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The Giro Air Attack: Thumbs Up, Or Down? 06/20/2012

Last September when Mark Cavendish threw his bike for the line in Copenhagen there was something that just didn’t look right in the picture. Why did he have cling film wrap over his helmet? (see picture). Somehow they had managed to take one of the nicest helmets out there, the Specialized Prevail, and rendered it to look ugly. I understand the “marginal gains” philosophy when you are at a world class level, but I hope some trickle down technology stays with the pros, as in the end it kills how I make 50% of my buying decisions, it just doesn’t look good.

Today I opened a browser with great excitement to see the new Giro Air Attack (I am a Giro fan, and own an Aeon), and you know what, I can’t decide if I like it or not. It reminds me to much of the Saran Wrap Prevail that Cav wore. I have watched the video, and all of the innovations in the design make sense, but I am just not sure my head ever feels that hot in a long NYC summer ride. Or that I really need my noggin to be that aero. One of the nicer avenues for riders to add a little personality to their look is through their choice of eyewear. The Air Attack suggests replacing that with a flick on magnetic “shield” (although the picture above does show you can wear standard glasses with the helmet). All interesting changes, but I can’t help but feel I would look like a bit of a nob out there on the weekends wearing this helmet. Alas I will hold final judgement until I see it and try it on in the flesh.

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Our First T-Shirt: The United Colors Of Cycling 06/07/2012

I just put the design together for our first Elcyclista t-shirt to be produced this summer. Inspired by the leader jerseys of the grand tours, the international flavor of cycling, and a nod to a certain Italian brand. We are going to do the t-shirts in editions, so email if you are interested in having one held back (with your size) before they go on sale later in the summer.

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Kit Spotting 03/27/2012

Nice to see our kit get some air-time post SXSW in Austin. Proud to have it out on the Sunday morning shop ride from Mellow Johnny’s, taken out by the “tallest cyclist outside of Holland” – Super Dom Russell. Check out the height of that head tube on his Land Shark. Did I mention that he is tall? Also nice to run in to Don Vanderslice when I was down there, another follower of the blog and kit owner. Sorry we didn’t get to ride together, next time. Some great roads down there. No doubt we will be back.


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Rapha Pro Team Jacket 01/02/2012

I have to admit when I first took the Pro Team jacket out of the box it felt way to light to be a winter jacket. On trying it on I had even more doubts, the cut which has a high rise around the front of the waist made me want to keep pulling it down. I thought I had got the wrong size. The fit everywhere else seemed perfect. The neck was snug and comfortable, and had enough of a gap that it wasn’t going to allow my holiday stubble to get caught in the zip. And there it stayed in the box for a few weeks ready for a block of riding over the winter holidays.

On the first ride out (in 32˚F) all fears were put to rest. I should really know better and trust in those that know better. One of my pet peeves about winter jackets is the “bunching” you get around the waist when riding, that often also lets in a nice little stream of cold air. The high cut of the Team Jacket prevents said “bunching” and keeps the jacket snug to the body and therefore warm. The fabric has also a nice stretchy quality to it that also makes it very comfortable to ride in, in fact it is pretty safe to say that you could almost forget you are wearing it when jumping in and out of the saddle. Layered up I was wearing a Rapha Merino base layer, a Gore Thermo Layer, and a pair of arm warmers under the jacket and pretty much stayed warm right down to 26˚F riding at a high cadence. It is not completely rain proof, but even when I got caught out in a light shower it still kept me pretty much dry.

Overall it is a great product, well designed as you would expect, and incredibly practical. I am not going to go into the technical details of the jacket, Rapha do a much better job of that on their site. But having road tested it now for over a week in some frigid weather it is definitely staying in the kit bag. (One sad note: on one ride in a random stream of thought I counted I was wearing 5 out of a potential 8 Rapha products).

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