Untapped: It’s Like Magic! 08/01/2015

untapped If like me you struggle with a lot of the mid-ride energy gels giving you an “upset” stomach then you are always happy to hear about a brand coming along and offering something natural. I have been using the Scratch Labs products in my drinks now and love them (especially the Orange flavor) and my wife bought me the Scratch Labs cook book, but I find it really hard to get myself organized to make whats in there as good as it sounds. This summer I was lucky enough to spend time in France on a ride with Ted King (of Cannondale Garmin fame) where I got introduced to UnTapped, a pure Maple Syrup “Athletic Fuel”. I was intrigued as I live in “Syrup country” upstate on the New York/Connecticut border. Syrup wasn’t something I though of as fuel. A few weeks later the guys at Untapped sent me a box to try out and I packed it in the kit bag on a two week trip to the Pyrenees, and this is where it proved to be a magic life saver. You know those days when you get the Michelin map out at breakfast and highlight a route. Something that looks good and will get you home before dark in time for a Panaché by the pool. But sometimes those maps lie, in a really bad way and a “triple chevron” road, well just doesn’t have the triple chevrons on. The climb started poorly with a 17% nice to meet you. That climb was called Col d’Ahusquy. The next 7km sat somewhere around the ever lucky 13% easing of to a what felt like a lovely average of 8-9% for the last 10km. At the top suffering from heat, jet-lag, not eating enough and generally sucking I pulled out the UnTapped with the wise words of Ted King ringing in my ears (“it can get you another 2 good hours…) In it went on the way down and we started the ride home over the Col d’Osquich. It literally is like magic. It kicked in pretty immediately and along with two new bottles of water I was feeling really good again. It was quick and effective and I reckon it got me at least another 2.5 hours. There is more to this than just a sugar kick, its naturally full of minerals and anti-oxidants – its basically just good for you. Its something I will definitely be adding to the every day ride kit. When something saves your ass like this did, you just put it in your pocket and don’t ask any questions – and put in a spare one for a friend in need.

If you want to get your hands on some go here

Me_UntappedRiding in the Pyrenees is serious business, so you better bring the good stuff.


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Up! Up! Up! 05/03/2015

victorychimpgalibierA nice new print from Victory Chimp in collaboration with Galibier.cc, inspired by the legendary Alpine climb of The Galibier. Having sat at the bottom of that climb looking up, it is one of the most inspiring and intimidating views in cycling. The print is available here in an addition of 100.

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Favorite Bikes Of 2014: Mosaic RS-1 12/30/2014

mosaicThis beautiful Mosaic RS-1 was put together by Above Category in California. Anyone that has concerns that a steel bike just can’t get light enough should have those concerns put to rest here. Mosaic have hit the perfect balance of keeping the ride quality of steel, and making a frame that can be built up light enough to be a climbing bike – Mosaic’s do come from Colorado after all. Chad and the team at AC have had this frame built up to be sitting between 13lbs – 14lbs, and that is not with any stupid light carbon parts – it was still an everyday ride. The frames come standard with the well respected Enve fork and Chris King headset. The frame geometry is custom as is also the bottom bracket. The AC builds are always beautifully spec’d and finished and I think this one has to be one of my favorites.

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Ritte Mavic 125 ANS Linited Edition Road Bike 11/23/2014


If you are are looking for something special, something very unique, and want to do some good in the process this is your chance. This limited edition Ritte Vlaanderen 125 Year Anniversary bike is up for auction on eBay. It is a one of one edition, there is no other bike like it. Designed and painted by Spencer over at Ritte, all the money from this auction is going to the World Bicycle Relief Fund. If you fancy your chances you can try here. But as expected it is attracting some serious buzz. It is already sitting at $4111.00, which considering the spec. and pedigree of this ride is a pretty reasonable price.

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The Onomichi-U2 Hotel A Cycling Destination 02/28/2015

U2_HotelOk it might be a once in a lifetime trip, but if you ever get the chance the Onomichi-U2 Hotel in Hiroshima looks pretty amazing, especially if you ride. Imagine a hotel where they welcome you riding right up to the reception desk to check in (instead of pretending that the large black box on wheels is a massage table or Trombone). Where they actively encourage you to hang your bike on the wall in your room (instead of balancing it on the small desk in the corner to make room). Where they provide service areas to do any traveling maintenance (instead of scrubbing the lube stains out of the carpet in your room). Such a place exists – coupled with amazing food and retail, Onomichi looks like a great destination. Right out the door is the Shimanami Kaido Bike Path, that takes a beautiful route across numerous bridges onto a network of islands out to Shikoku Island.

Onomichi-U2 Hotel

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This Leggero Gets Some Beautiful New Paint 01/10/2015

Condor_LegerroReally liking the new Condor JLT Team paint job on the excellent Leggero, With a new kit sponsor and lots of new riders it is a fresh start for the team in 2015. Best of luck! Can’t wait to get back to London to see this in the flesh and hopefully get to see the new SL version ridden by Christian House in Colorado.

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A Stunning Cinelli Supercorsa Pista In Pink 12/07/2014

CinelliSometimes to get a bike this perfect, and this bike really is perfect in every aspect, it takes a really long time. In this case three years. The frames are custom made in Italy by Cinelli and the design and paint was created by Ignazio Lacitignola, a designer from San Franciso. The build list is pretty impressive. A classic Cinelli alloy cockpit. The drive train is Campy Record Pista originally designed for the velodrome and now found on classic street builds like this beauty. Laced up to the Campy hubs are some polished H-Plus Son rims. As you would expect with a build of this quality it is going to hit your wallet pretty hard at $5250. But if you are looking for something that stands out this is a good place to start.

Molletta Design.

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Above Category And Argonaut 11/16/2014

AC_ArgonautAbove Category continue to curate and stock some of the best brands in the sport. Fitting with their beautiful new space is the addition of Argonaut frames. Also nice to see a bike that isn’t the classic black on black. It is hard to beat a beautiful white paint job (also nice with a fade off highlight color). Reminds me of one of my favorite frames, the white LOOK 595 ridden by Thor “The Good Of Thunder” and CA.


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