The Spybike Tracker 06/26/2012

Now this is a great piece of technology, although a better name would help, The Spy Bike Covert Bicycle GPS Tracker. The original tracker was created for motorcycles, but the company soon realized the opportunity to open up the platform, and have developed one for your bike. The tracker itself and the battery are hidden inside your steering column, underneath your stem cap. If someone starts messing with your bike the motion sets of the tracker and it automatically sends you a text message along the lines of “get your ass back to your bike before someone nabs it” (not sure what the actual message says – but that’s what I would say). Fear not, if you are too late and the bike is already gone the tracker will send a GPS co-ordinate to the tracking site every 20 seconds, drawing a big red line right to the thief’s den. Call the Police, retrieve bike, and cart off mystified bike thief to jail. The beauty of the device is in its disguise. Stashed under the cap you wouldn’t even know it was there, and at 0.14 lbs or 0.067 kg it is hardly heavy. The running cost is pretty cheap, as it uses GPRS to upload the GPS data and is quad band so it works everywhere when you travel. The battery can run for a couple of months without needing a recharge as long as you turn it off when riding.

If you have a bike you really love and live in an urban area that means you are at risk of loosing your wheels, at $150 this is a really good investment.

More info on Spybike here

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I Have A New Condor On The Way 04/10/2012

I have been reading and tracking the Condor Super Acciaio frame for a while now, and hearing nothing but good things about it. So in the middle of a life simplification dilema and attempt to get my choice of rides down to two (Editor: we will see how long that lasts) one carbon and one steel, the Super Acciaio feels like the perfect choice for the steel ride. It is the perfect blend of timeless material, coupled with all Condor has learned about bike design and building frames over the years. Plus it just looks fast built up. I used to live around the corner from the shop in London and have been a fan of the brand for a long time, but never owned one (my father did though) – so I figured it was time. And with the wonders of modern communication, email, I worked with the very helpful Claire Beaumont the Condor brand manager to get the order rolling. I had a few chicken scratches down on paper for a very simple and hopefully timeless Elcyclista paint job that Claire passed on to the Condor designer Ben who created the above, which I love. They said it might be the first Acciaio in white, which I will be very proud to own. More to come….

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A Special Edition Cielo CX Racer 03/30/2012

In response to the tragic Tsunami event in Japan in 2011 Chris King made this limited edition Cielo CX Racer, with the proceeds going directly to disaster relief. A beautifully understated bike designed for a great cause.

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A Mellow Ride In Austin with Super Dom Russell 03/15/2012

I just returned from my first trip to Austin Texas, and it is no coincidence that I spent at least one hour of each day I was there in Mellow Johnny’s. It might be one of the best shops I have ever been to. They have the right balance of product, space and coffee (they serve Stumptown our favorite), all rounded out with some of the best and most helpful staff you could hope for. The space is in the old warehouse district and used to be a beer warehouse if I remember right. They have rides pretty much leaving the shop every morning with a mixture of levels. We were lucky enough to have our very own personal Mellow Johnny’s guide in Russell, who may well be the tallest cyclist outside of Holland (he is 6′ 7″ and his custome Land Shark has the largest headtube I have ever seen). He took us out into the Austin farmlands onto the “Flemish Loop” on a damp and hazy moring. Sitting behind Russell on a 25mph wind in your back return leg, is like sitting behind a Vespa motorpacing. There is no wind. Nothing. Just a hole that pulls you along with minimal effort. He is a “Super Dom” of pure quality, who to quote him “loves being second in command“. I wish I could have spent more time there, the riding seems great, plus I met two riders proudly sporting Elcyclista kit. That brought a smile to my face. It is so nice to see the kit out there and meet fellow riders who love design.

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Kyklos by Danilo DiLuca 06/23/2012

We got introduced to the Kyklos brand by our friend Mark at Dutch & Wolf in the UK, who also carry the frames. The name behind the brand is none other than Danilo Di Luca, AKA “The Killer“, who this particular frame is named after. He is in a partnership with former pro Francesco Di Ruscio, and run the business with from Pescara in Italy. This particular build done by Dutch & Wolf comes in at under 16 lbs. There are a couple of lovely touches on the build. The Arundel Mandible bottle cages, have a lovely simple profile, and the custom wheels by EDCO are their Neggia Super Sport Carbon clinchers at 1317g for a pair. If you are interested in finding out more about the frame you can contact Mark at Dutch & Wolf. They have been building and sending all over the world. Definitely not something we see a lot here in the US.

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The Fixed Gear For Good Project 06/04/2012

We have long been fans of Italian illustrator Riccardo Guasco and posted on his cycling influenced illustrations a while back. His latest project is a great collaboration with Biascagne Cicli to create the 2012 Fixed Gear For Good frame. The bike will be sold for 1222 Euros to raise money for City For Hope, a leukemia charity. They have produced a pretty unique paint job, with beautiful hand painted typography, and line work that reminds me of tattoos. Whoever ends up with this is going to own one seriously beautiful city ride, and a rolling work of art.

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Kit Spotting 03/27/2012

Nice to see our kit get some air-time post SXSW in Austin. Proud to have it out on the Sunday morning shop ride from Mellow Johnny’s, taken out by the “tallest cyclist outside of Holland” – Super Dom Russell. Check out the height of that head tube on his Land Shark. Did I mention that he is tall? Also nice to run in to Don Vanderslice when I was down there, another follower of the blog and kit owner. Sorry we didn’t get to ride together, next time. Some great roads down there. No doubt we will be back.


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A Beautiful Dekerf From NAHBS 03/04/2012

This is my first time seeing the Dekerf bikes, this shot from Bike Radar at the currently running NAHBS show. Super simple and clean Ti. Loving that pinstripe decal.

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