The Most Beautiful Tools From The Swiss 07/09/2013


No reason for your workbench to not look as good as your bike now. Some beautiful tools created by Swiss company Swiss Tools that add a nice touch of design to the things we just take for granted. They certainly are not cheap at $100, but damn they look good. If you are up for the splurge you can get them online here.

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I Remember Toeclips And Straps 03/29/2013


Black leather uppers, with punched holes for ventilation. Black cotton laces. Leather soles, with metal plates nailed to the bottom. Metal toe clips and leather straps locking you in. Being that attached to your bike could sometimes be terrifying.

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The Scars Of Battle 02/18/2013


Johan Van Summeren enters the team bus after the 2011 Milan San Remo, carrying the scars of taking one of the many bends in the finale on on his back.

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The Moulton Bicycle Company by Wellplastic Films 07/16/2013

Loving this film from WELLPLASTIC Films on the Moulton Bicycle Company. Beautifully put together, it tells the story around one of Britain’s most iconic brands and still to this day one of the most architecturally beautiful bikes ever made. Watch it in full screen with headphones on, it is well worth it. I love the quote from from the founder and designer Alex Moulton “We have to get your face out of the computer“, while he designs with a Sharpie and a notebook.


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Support For Thousands Of Miles 02/23/2013


I want to give this project as much tailwind as possible. It looks and sounds like such an incredible piece of work capturing someone living in the saddle on an amazing voyage of discovery across America. For Thousands Of Miles is a documentary film directed by Mike Ambs as he follows Larry McKurtis as he cycles forty-two hundred miles across the Northern route of the USA. It took him 64 days to reach the Atlantic. The film is in its final stages of production and is still currently totally independent. Mike needs Kickstarter funds to finish out the sound design and final production to make a Spring release. If you can afford to give anything you can contribute here on KICKSTARTER. Watch the trailer, it is beautiful.

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It is a good day for cycling.  Good things are happening. 1: Martin Irvine took two medals at the World Track Championships. Ireland has a World Champion. That is pretty incredible as Ireland doesn’t have a single Velodrome or an “Institute Of Sport” to build around Martin in the way that Team GB or Australia has. For the last few weeks I have been following tweets of him killing team mates in training in Mallorca and raving about his form. It is nice to see hard work pay off and Ireland pick up their first medal since 1986. 2: NetApp Endura got a wildcard invitation to Paris Roubaix. This is good because we might get to see riders like Russ Downing and Alex Wetterhall grace one of the biggest races of pot luck around. These guys will have been training in the hope of something like this and with a little luck on the day… What I wouldn’t give to see one of them make the split. 3: The GIRO is coming to Ireland, and starting in Belfast. There were not many things that could bridge the divide between North and South and Catholic and Protestant when I grew up there, but cycling was one of them (ironically boxing was the other). This is a huge honor for the local community. I can only imagine that the Belfast stage will head up the Antrim coast and over the Glens Of Antrim. Lets pray for a little rain and a sea breeze and have some proper Irish style racing.

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Interruption In Service 01/01/2013

Thank you all who sent notes over the past few weeks to see if everything was ok (there has been a distinct lack of posts). I am unfortunately going through a very difficult time with my family right now and it is taking all of my energy to focus on that. There isn’t a lot of inspiration to post, but I am at least still finding my time on the bike a place to gather my thoughts and strength. We will be back soon in the new year with a LOT of new projects to launch that have been cooking over the last few months. I hope you are all well and have a wonderful 2013. Ride safe and enjoy every moment of it while you can. Normal service resumed soon.

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