From Howies: Earn Your Scars 12/13/2011

As some0ne who a few years back face planted the back window of a Volvo and ended up between the driver and passenger seat, I can safely say that the 202 stitches I got on my face and head were both earned, and bought. EMS and surgery are expensive in the US. Love this t-shirt from Howies. It almost makes all that road rash worth while. It comes in black and grey. It also made me think does “Pippo” Pozzato, the so much potential but what happened one, actually have any scars? or is he just all ink and hair (see below). I will let you decide.

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A New Favorite Brand: Polerstuff 11/08/2011

Love this brand, especially when they say things like “It’s for people that wonder why everyone is trying to pretend they are going to do first ascents on alpine peaks, instead of celebrating the fact that they are having adventures that are awesome in their own way”. There collection of products is growing all of the time, with a focus on practicality and quality. Their Adventure photo essays are gorgeous.

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PAVE / Barcelona 01/11/2012

Next time I am lucky enough to make a trip to Barcelona I know where I will be spending some time, and probably a lot of Euro’s. PAVE looks like a great bike retail experience, that falls into the category of  “Shrine To Cycling”. With more square footage than they know what to do with, they have introduced some really nice display touches that pay homage to cycling culture. The back lights on the bikes and gallery presentation, the cobble stones cut into the floor, and the wheel art display in the entrance area, all make for what looks like a really unique space. It looks like they are selling pretty much the expected global taste brands, so it is hard to tell if they are carrying any local or Spanish brands beyond Orbea (Their shop site isn’t up yet). Also check out their blog, it looks like these guys know how to ride (nice cornering style on the mountain descent) and they have an eye for a photograph. Great brand, can’t wait to visit.

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Elcyclista Poll Results. 12/31/2011

A year of amazing racing. It started well for me when I got invited by Specialized to attend Milan San Remo and watch Matt Goss win, and finished off well with an edge of the sofa World Championship road race. And with that it is time to close out the Elcyclista end of year poll, where we tried to capture the defining moments of the season, and see which one you thought was the best ride of the season. So with a drum roll and a champagne shower, the winner and runners up are:

1. CADEL EVANS with 26.72% of the votes for his ride on Stage 18 of the Tour. He kept his head when Schleck went up the road early on what was being billed as the make-or-break stage. He used his team to keep the gap realistic, and Hincapie and the other teams across the valley to get him to the base of the Galibier still in range. What a ride on the Galibier. He hit the front at the bottom and never looked for any help all the way to the top, riding some of the best climbers in the world of his wheel.

2. JOHNNY HOOGERLAND with 25.95% of the votes for redefining the term “Hard As Nails”. Pulling himself off a barbed wire fence, he rode on to finish the stage, shredded literally,  to pick up the KOM jersey.

3. PHILIP GILBERT with 20.61% of the votes for his Ardennes Grand Slam. Apart from the fact the guy was on fire pretty much all season, winning Amstel Gold, Fleche Wallonne and L-B-L in one season has only been done once before.

Just in case you want to relive that amazing stage 18 from this years Tour, posted below. Thanks for all your support and feedback this year, and here is hoping for an equally amazing 2012 season.



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Bring Back The Bobble Hat 12/10/2011

This is one of my favorite images of Coppi, playing around and keeping warm before a track race. What I always loved about the shot was his hat, and the shear ridiculous size of the bobble. That mixed with that knit jersey he really should look ridiculous, but somehow he doesn’t. Recently I found the work of Annie Larson at All For Everyone (The hat at the top). She has an amazing eye for color and design and makes great one-off pieces. Now of coarse wearing these hats on winter rides back then was a lot easier, in the time before helmets, but with Annie’s hats and this picture in my pocket there is definitely a chance of carrying off a bobble. Maybe even for a bit of spectator fashion? Man I would love to do an Elcyclista hat with Annie.

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