The Fixed Gear For Good Project 06/04/2012

We have long been fans of Italian illustrator Riccardo Guasco and posted on his cycling influenced illustrations a while back. His latest project is a great collaboration with Biascagne Cicli to create the 2012 Fixed Gear For Good frame. The bike will be sold for 1222 Euros to raise money for City For Hope, a leukemia charity. They have produced a pretty unique paint job, with beautiful hand painted typography, and line work that reminds me of tattoos. Whoever ends up with this is going to own one seriously beautiful city ride, and a rolling work of art.

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Le Grand Boucle Collection From Le Coq Sportif 06/02/2012

The Coq Sportif have created a beautiful Le Grand Boucle inspired collection of clothing. This piece definitely has a feel for the 70s about it, and a subtle influence from the classic Tour jerseys.

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Welcome To The Pack 05/30/2012

This is my mate Paul who I grew up with back in Ireland. Paul grew up playing the hardmen sports of Gaelic football and Hurling (not for the faint of heart). I took a fair amount of ribbing growing up for riding around in lycra with shaved legs, but I knew I was on to a good thing. Well I am happy to say Paul has joined the lycra pack and taken up the bike. He got himself a nice Felt and some Elcyclista kit and just finished his first Sportive in the Mourne Mountains last weekend with a very respectable time. Next up the Wicklow 200. That should be a descent test!

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Ode To A Sprinting Icon 05/21/2012

For 8 years I have had this copy of L’Equipe
I keep it in and around where my bike sits
For me it represents a “Golden Age” in sprinting
Zabel, Boonen, O’Grady, Hushovd, and McEwen
You were (are) all legends
But you were my favorite, still are
I loved how the French commentators shouted your name
Seeing you burst out of a pack was a scary and amazing sight
You just never knew what to expect
It made us feel a little uneasy
You were unpredictable, all power and no fear
You were an entertainer
From pulling a “Wheelie” crossing the line at Alpe D’Huez
To “Head-Butting” Stuey at about 45mph – that was a first
Then there was the greatest sprint ever
Stage 1 in the 2007 Tour
Just how exactly did you do that?
You were on the ground with 20Km to go
And back on the back 5km out
Somehow you picked your way through
And showed up at the front with 100m to go
And still had time to salute
I have the frame in the picture above
I always introduce it as “the bike Robbie rode in 2004″
I am going to miss you in and around the pack
Although I have a feeling this won’t be the last we see of you

Chapeau Robbie – thanks for the memories,
And making the hairs on my neck stand up.


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Our First T-Shirt: The United Colors Of Cycling 06/07/2012

I just put the design together for our first Elcyclista t-shirt to be produced this summer. Inspired by the leader jerseys of the grand tours, the international flavor of cycling, and a nod to a certain Italian brand. We are going to do the t-shirts in editions, so email if you are interested in having one held back (with your size) before they go on sale later in the summer.

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The Spy Screw Glasses 06/03/2012

These might be the new hot glasses. Spotted at the Tour Of California dressing the face of one of Americas new young hopes. Matthew Busche. In fact the orange version above is his signature design. The Black frame and pink glass above are for the Keep A Breast foundation. Any reviews I have found seem to rave about them. I might have to give those orange ones a go.

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The Tour Periodically 06/02/2012

I found this beautiful editioned print released by On A Six Pence. They have taken all the winners of The Tour and represented them in one of the classic design formats, The Periodic Table. Printed in an edition of 80. A great center piece for nay bike room.

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Bike Pavilion + Cafe + Cycle Track 05/30/2012

Dutch Architects NL Architects have designed this beautiful bike rental pavilion in the Hainan province of China. It’s uniqueness comes in the roof design. Originally conceived to help cool the building in the regions tropical climate, it also suggested a double function of a velodrome, on theme for the building use. Not really to full scale, no one is going to break any pursuit records on it, but it does add a whole other function to this gorgeous piece of architecture.

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The Slide Luck Bikeshow NYC, May 19th 05/13/2012

It is a cycling extravaganza of art, film, rides, music and raffles. Part of the National Bike Month celebrations in New York this looks like a great night out. Held on May 19th from 6pm – 9pm at Hostelling International Flagship at 891 Amsterdam avenue. Check out the link for more details If you are in town, like bikes and a good night out, this is where you should be on the 19th.

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